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CAMathories™ Trilingual MathArt 2-Pocket Paper Folder

CAMathories™ Trilingual MathArt 2-Pocket Paper Folder

CAMathories™ MathArt Trilingual Paper Folder - cute, durable, educational, earth-friendly and a great keepsake!
All-in-one Folder! Stationery, Art, Math Education and a keepsake!
It is a perfect gift for children in pre-schools and primary schools.

The folder is of very good quality paper, thick and durable to hold notes for school children. Paper folders are also environmentally-friendly.
The design of the folder is made by two artistic children with the aim to show a math concept of "tessellation".
The definition of a "tessellation" is written inside the folder.
The words on the folders are written in English, Spanish and Chinese.
Each folder also consists of space to let creative young children draw their own tessellation after they learned and "see" what tessellation is.

Children can also write their motto in the assigned space at the back of the folder and the folder can be their own keepsake!

Hand-made clarification: Both designs of the tessellation are hand-drawn by the two children artists. The entire product is designed and printed in the U.S.A. SE Printing Inc. in New York helped print the folder. Size: 9 inches x 12 inches.

*With the proof of purchase of 3 folders, you can email to info@camathories to redeem one single app (valued USD0.99) of the CAMathories™ Woodland Series of your choice. Every purchase of 3 folders is eligible for redeeming one single app only. CAMathories™ apps are fun and interactive animated stories and games designed, written, and tested by renowned educational researchers, mathematicians, and scientists at Cambridge University to teach young children mathematics. Each CAMathories™ app also contains a series of teaching notes to help parents to teach their children mathematics based on the content of the games as well as real-life situation. CAMathories™ provide a brand new experience of teaching mathematics to young children and make them love learning mathematics. For more information about CAMathories™ apps and games, please check here.

Wish you happy learning and CAMathoring!

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