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There are two upcoming Youth Leadership Initiatives sponsored and supported by Its Kairos Time:


(1)     The Global Youth Leadership (GYI) training (ages 8-18) and (2) Kairos Scholarships (NJ graduating Seniors). The details are below:


1. MAXWELL GLOBAL YOUTH LEADERSHIP FREE 3-day Virtual Training April 22-23-24 (I one of the international team members)


  • @ 7pm ET - Friday, April 22nd (The first night is for parents) to get to know what is being covered during the two youth sessions.

  • @5:30pm ET - Saturday, April 23rd, the Youth Exploratory Session in which they will discover strengths, behavioral styles, motivation, and even career paths. (Ages 8-18)

  • @ 5:30pm ET - Sunday, April 24th, our last day of the event, we will continue our values of iLead - Commitment, Relationships, and Character. (Ages 8-18)

Registration is Required: Here is the Eventbrite link for booking.

#GYI, #youth, #leadershipdevelopment

2. ANNUAL SCHOLARSHIPS – It’s Kairos Time has provided scholarships to graduating seniors since 2016.

The application is on the website;

Thanks to our community friends. Now, parents and kids can find us while waiting for their turn!

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