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Anytime Anywhere Learning Mathematics through Talk and Play 

A Short Guidebook


In the past decades, wars, regional conflicts, and natural disasters forced many people to flee their homeland. The children refugees lost their homes, families, opportunities, and resources to learn and to be educated. Apart from monetary donations, our Education team at CAMathories® has contributed their own expertise in early years learning, mathematics, and literacy, to help refugee families and children to keep learning while they have no learning tools or teachers around.


We design a handy guidebook for parents and children to learn with natural resources, including pebbles, twigs, flowers, leaves, and ourselves. The guidebook also provides instruction notes for parents or adults. The guidebook is free. Anyone can download the book from Google Books or Google Play (see below).  If you want to print it out to distribute in your school or organization or wish to get a version in another language, please contact us at

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