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Dr. Lorna Ayton's Classroom

Dr. Ayton is currently a member of the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics in the Waves research group at the University of CambridgeDr. Ayton was admitted to Churchill College, University of Cambridge, in 2007 to study B.A. Math, followed by Part III Math, and then for a Ph.D. in Math which she completed in 2014.

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Dr. Lorna Ayton's Classroom

Dr Lorna Ayton was a student at Churchill College at the University of Cambridge from 2007 to 2014. During that time she obtained a First class Bachelors degree, Masters degree with Distinction, and a PhD, all in Mathematics. Dr. Ayton's Ph.D. thesis: "Asymptotic Approximations for the Sound Generated by Aerofoils in Unsteady Subsonic Flows" is awarded "Outstanding Thesis Prize" by Springer. Since then, she has remained in the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics at the University of Cambridge researching mathematics. There Lorna's main focus is on creating mathematical models to predict the noise generated by aircrafts, and she works with engineers across Europe, the US, and Australia to develop new quieter designs. 

Lorna has a passion for teaching mathematics to a wide audience, and since 2019 she has spent her time also teaching mathematics at a school in Cambridge. She wants to remove the fear around mathematics by making it more engaging from an early age and remove the idea that mathematics is a rigid subject where you need to memorize rules. Mathematics allows for great creativity in problem solving as there are always many different approaches to get a solution.

Learning mathematics through play in everyday life is a cornerstone of the CAMathories ethos which aims to engage children in mathematics by integrating puzzle-solving into well-known stories and daily life*.  This idea reflects Lorna's childhood; her passion for mathematics and engineering began at a young age where she enjoyed construction and puzzle-based toys, and helping her dad with all manner of DIY projects around the house. Lorna ensures that all CAMathories products contain accurate and effective mathematics games to aid children's learning.  

*All CAMathories books, apps, and mathematics games contain abundant parents notes to help parents/caregivers teach math within the stories and in daily life.

Angles of a Triangle

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