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CAMathories® Book Prize 2019/2020

CAMathories® is delighted to announce that a Book Prize of USD$500 has been donated to Churchill College at the University of Cambridge for the academic year 2019/2020. This Book Prize will be presented to one to two students admitting to Churchill College to study mathematics at the University of Cambridge, United Kingdom. 


Churchill College has a great emphasis on the study of science and technology, yet it also offers diverse academic disciplines. It provides world-class teaching and academic support and helps its students to fully develop their potential by providing them a supportive environment. Churchill College admits the ablest and the most highest-achieving students from all over the world.


Churchill College counts 32 Nobel Prize winners amongst its past and present Fellowship. To name a few, Sir Winston Churchill, the Founder of Churchill College (winner in Literature 1953);  Sir John Cockcroft, the first Master of Churchill College (winner in Physics 1951), Dr. Antony Hewish, Fellow of Churchill College since 1961 (winner in Physics 1974), Sir Robert Edwards, Fellow of Churchill College since 1979 through 2013 (winner in Physiology/Medicine in 2010); Sir John Gurdon, Fellow of Churchill College since 1973 through 1995, Honorary Fellow since 2007 through present (winner in Physiology/Medicine 2012). To learn more about Churchill College and their Nobel Prize winners, please click here


CAMathories® is committed to helping our next generation to grow to love and understand mathematics, and to explore and advance our knowledge of mathematics. CAMathories® sincerely wishes the recipients of CAMathories® Book Prize 2019/2020 will benefit from the Prize and find it useful for their study of mathematics. 

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