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Snap-to-Win Math Games Cards

Snap-to-Win Math Games Cards

CAMathories™ Snap-to-Win Math Game Cards is a number and pattern recognition game. These much-loved woodland stories cards are designed to make learning numbers and basic counting rules fun for children in preschool and early primary school. Children are engaged by the familiar story characters and by playing the games with family and friends. These games provide the perfect combination of fun and early learning! Each pack contains 25 cards. CAMathories™ Snap-to-Win Math Game Cards are designed by CAMathories™ Mathematics Advisor, Dr. Lorna Ayton, and reviewed by our Chief Early Childhood Educational Advisor, Dr. David Whitebread, both from the University of Cambridge. Enjoy CAMathoring! Buy one pack of CAMathories™ Snap-to-Win Math Game Cards, then email us to become a CAMathories™ members to play CAMathories™ interactive online Math games free of charge. CAMathories™ online games complement the Snap-to-Win game cards and make the learning of math greater fun.

  • Product Details

    One Pack of Snap-to-Win Math Game Cards contain 25 cards of high paper quality. Durable, hard, and glossy surface. Big cards to fit toddlers' hands to hold. "Minor" spills on the cards can be wiped out quite easily. Suitable for toddlers and young kids to play (3 years old +). Each suit has 5 cards. There are 5 suits in total. Instructions on how to play various games are included in the box. Or you or your kids can simply invent more games with the cards.

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