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CAMathories™ Party Goodie Packets - 1 Packet

CAMathories™ Party Goodie Packets - 1 Packet

CAMathories™ Party Goodie Packets are cute, educational (math-learning) and earth-friendly goodie gift perfect for 3-10 years old parties. You can also add your own gift cards, or money (banknotes), or even chocolate gold coins into the packet together with the math games. It is a fun and a wonderful educational birthday treat for your birthday child and it is also a remarkable goodie gift for your party attendees. 

CAMathories™ math games flyers are designed by our Mathematics Advisor, Dr. Lorna Ayton, and reviewed by our Chief Early Childhood Educational Advisor, Dr. David Whitebread, and our Scientific Advisor, Prof. Simone Teufel, all from the University of Cambridge, UK. CAMathories™ Education Team and Advisors aim to remake the goodie fun for parents and children. Now, parties and goodies can be fun, educational and environmental-friendly, too! No more waste! No more plastic! Parents and children can have fun math-learning after throwing a party!

Each flyer comes with a question on one side and an answer on the other side. If you do not know how to get to the answer, CAMathories™ Mathematics Advisor, Dr. Lorna Ayton has made a video to explain the answer to you. Simply go to and register as a member (free of charge to become a member), then, you can find the video in our Members' Forum. If you have further math questions to ask, simply post the question in our Members' Forum, Dr. Lorna Ayton will reply to you as soon as she can. Happy Partying and Learning! Enjoy CAMathoring!

*Packet Cover Design: Lynn Sun

*Printing: SE Printing Inc. helped to print the packets.
*CAMathories™ math games flyers and goodie packets are sold in packets. Each packet comes with 3 math games flyers. The product is made of earth friendly, recyclable and resuable materials.

*For bulk inquiries, please contact

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