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Ms. Maria: Spanish Math Immersion Class
Ms. Maria: Spanish Math Immersion Class

Ms. Maria: Spanish Math Immersion Class

Mommy-and-me CAMathories® Spanish math immersion classes for 3-5 years old: each lesson includes music and rhymes relating to the folktale of each lesson, story-telling, art and craft activities and body-movement games. A mommy-and-me class also helps to build the bond between child and parent.

Time & Location

Email for schedule

Online or in-person: Summit, NJ, USA

About the class

If you speak another language and wish to extend the wonderful cultural heritage of that language to the next generation and wish your children to learn fundamental mathematics principles, please register for our Bilingual Mommy-and-me Mathematics Immersion Program.

Online classes

  • 30 minutes per lesson
  • Sunday 3:30-4pm (NJ, USA timezone)
  • USD20 per lesson online

In-person classes

  • 50 minutes per lesson
  • USD180 for the 6-lesson trial (including parents)
  • Then, regular classes come in a package of semesters: one semester = 15 classes - fee for one semester is: USD375 per child (including parents). There are two semesters in one academic year.
  • A minimum of 4 students to start a class, and a maximum of 6-8 students in a class depending on the teacher's preference. To start a class, either form a group of 4 with friends or email info@camathories to join our group-of-4 waiting list. 

Physical location:

  • The United Methodist Church of Summit, 17 Kent Place Boulevard, Summit, NJ 07901, USA

A message from Ms. Maria

“I am a mother of three beautiful boys that have grown to be amazing men. Regrettably I was not able to integrate Spanish into their lives the way I would have wanted to for various reasons. Surrounded by Spanish speaking extended family they were able to pick it up and now speak limited Spanish. 

I truly believe it is a must for children to know and understand their culture and language is a key component towards this end.  Knowing another language not only gives you the connection to your culture, it also opens your life to more experiences. 

It makes me proud to be part of these classes to help children connect to their families and culture and teach math at the same time. If these classes had been available to me when my kids were younger, I would have been in a better position to fully immerse them in a multi cultural upbringing.”


  • Spanish Math online lesson

    Spanish Math Immersion online lesson

  • Spanish Math 6-lesson trial

    Spanish Math Immersion 6-lesson trial

  • Spanish Math one semester

    One semester = 15 classes. There are two semesters for one academic year.




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