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June 30, 2024!

To celebrate Asian Pacific heritage month (May) in the USA,

we are delighted to offer a 20% discount off all our Asian Pacific books:

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Also available in Chinese version

(simplified Chinese characters)

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Also available in Hindi version


Also available in Tagalog version

Calling all preschool and primary school budding artists.
Enter our MathArt Contest!

CAMathories® provides children and their parents with a unique learning experience of mathematics

CAMathories® was founded by a group of Cambridge University alumni and faculty members who have expertise in early childhood education, mathematics, science and advanced technologies. Our aim is to produce educational products and services which make mathematics meaningful to young children and help them to grow to love and understand mathematics in all its forms.

Pronounced CA-Math-or-ies, with the emphasis on the word 'math', the word originates from historic Cambridge where our academic writers reside, combining the joy of learning math through our innovative story approach.

CAMathories® books and games are inspired by three decades long of early childhood learning research works.

CAMathories® Folktale Mathematics™ Series books take folktales from different parts of the world to support young children to learn fundamental mathematical principles in a fun and engaging way.

CAMathories® online games are fun and interactive animated stories and games designed, written, and tested by renowned educational researchers, mathematicians, and scientists at Cambridge University to teach young children mathematics. Each CAMathories® online game also contains a series of teaching notes to help parents to teach their children mathematics based on the content of the games as well as real-life situation. CAMathories® provide a brand new experience of teaching mathematics to young children and make them love learning mathematics.

Wish you happy learning and CAMathoring!

What our users say...

"Dear CAMathories,  We were super delighted to participate in such a unique drawing competition. And to explain my child the changes cause and effects of Climate and it's changes made him aware of so many new concepts. Heartful Thank-you for this beautiful opportunity. "  Apeksha Pachchigar, India, mother of a four years old participant of our 2nd International MathArt Contest 2021/22. "Climate Change. Draw Your Story with Shapes!". 

"Many thanks for the opportunity for young kids and the encouragement that this contest opens up thinking of Maths in an artistic way."  Shveta Kacher, India, mother of an eight-year-old participant in our 3rd International MathArt Contest 2022/23, "Love our world. Draw your story with shapes and numbers." 

"Knowing and loving the familiar fairy tales already, my granddaughter (turning 4) enjoys being able to interact in a way that moves the stories along, and I appreciate that she is honing her counting and analytical skills while doing so."  Robert Howells, a grandfather, New Jersey, USA. 

"My 4-year-old son has played your game Goldilocks. He likes it very much! I think it is a very good learning game. You can listen to the story while playing math games. It is really fun, and it helps children to "associate" math with the games and their daily lives." Dr. Leong, a mother of two young children. New York, U.S.A.

Register as a CAMathories® member to see fun Mathematics videos designed and made by our Mathematics Advisor, Dr. Lorna Ayton; post any mathematics questions anytime to our Members’ Forum and Dr. Lorna will reply as soon as she can.

Registration is free and easy. No membership fee required. Simply click the button to register!

For all inquiries, Please contact

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