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CAMathories is excited to announce our 2nd International MathArt Contest. 

Check it out in the video below!

Details of the contest can be found on the Announcement page on our website.

Register as a CAMathories member to see fun Mathematics videos designed and made by our Mathematics Advisor, Dr. Lorna Ayton; post any mathematics questions anytime to our Members’ Forum and Dr. Lorna will reply as soon as she can.

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CAMathories were founded by a group of Cambridge University alumni and faculty members who have expertise in early childhood education, mathematics, science and advanced technologies. Our aim is to produce educational products and services which make mathematics meaningful to young children and help them to grow to love and understand mathematics in all its forms.

CAMathories apps are inspired by three decades long of early childhood learning research works.  

CAMathories apps are fun and interactive animated stories and games designed, written, and tested by renowned educational researchers, mathematicians, and scientists at Cambridge University to teach young children mathematics. Each CAMathories app also contains a series of teaching notes to help parents to teach their children mathematics based on the content of the games as well as real-life situation. CAMathories provide a brand new experience of teaching mathematics to young children and make them love learning mathematics.

Wish you happy learning and CAMathoring!

What our users say...

"Knowing and loving the familiar fairy tales already, my granddaughter (turning 4) enjoys being able to interact in a way that moves the stories along, and I appreciate that she is honing her counting and analytical skills while doing so."  Robert Howells, a grandfather, New Jersey, USA. 


"My 4-year-old son has played your game Goldilocks. He likes it very much! I think it is a very good learning game. You can listen to the story while playing math games. It is really fun, and it helps children to "associate" math with the games and their daily lives." Dr. Ieong, a mother of two young children. New York, U.S.A.