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Sample of a math story writing and the declaration for submission.
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Title of the story: The Woodland girl, Goldilocks

This story is suitable for the level of pre-K.

This is an interactive animated game.


In a forest, there lived a little girl called Goldilocks. She is a sweet and curious girl.

One morning,  she was also out for a walk in the forest and she

found a delightful little cottage. She had not seen this cottage before, so she

wondered who lived there.  So, she knocked on the door. Suddenly, the door began to speak.

(Game 1 and instructions of how to play starts here)

“ I am the Door of 3 Bear Cottage. If you want me to open, you must knock 3 times.” 

The player needs to knock 3 times, if the player knocks 3 times, the door will speak again. If the player does not knock 3 times, the door will not speak. The door will only speak again after the player knocks correctly.

(Game 1 finishes)


(Parent notes:)

1.       This game helps your child to learn about: counting.

2.       Talk about: counting one by one. From one, then, two, then, three, in an ascending order.

3.      More ways to help: when we go up and down staircases, we can ask our children to count every time s/he goes up or down one step.


The door said: “Well done! As you are so clever I will tell you a secret; I have a special

name for my shape; my shape is a Rectangle”.



(Game 2 starts here)

The door asks the player to choose the right shape of a rectangle. “Please choose my shape.”  There are different shapes for the player to choose from, including, circle, triangle and rectangle. The player needs to choose the correct shape; otherwise, the door will not speak again. When the player chooses the correct shape, the door will speak again.


(Game 2 finishes here)



(Parent notes:)

1.       This game helps your child to learn about: shape recognition

2.       Talk about: different shapes, circle, triangle and rectangle. Circles have no corner, triangles have three corners, and rectangles have four corners.

3.       More ways to help: we can let our children recognize shapes in our kitchen, a round/circle saucepan, a triangle toast, and a rectangle microwave oven.



After Golidliocks answered the question correctly, the door said, “You are so smart, please come into our cottage!” When the door opened, Goldilocks saw her parents waiting inside the little cottage for her. They both said” Happy Birthday, Goldilocks! A big surprise to you!”


The End.



First name of Parent: __________________


Last name of Parent: __________________


Signature of Parent: ___________________




This story was written solely by (the first and last name of the parent) and my child who attends (the name of the school, and provide school's email address). This story is appropriate for (specify grade level)”



Signature of Math teacher: __________________


Name of school: ___________________________

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