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Math Story Writing Competition - 

Over USD$2,000+ Cash Prizes to Winning Parents, Students, Libraries, and Schools

Professor Cantab announces the math story competition.
Announcement of the Competition by Professor Cantab

We are delighted to announce our first Writing Competition to celebrate the launching of CAMathories™ apps for mathematics learning.

CAMathories™ was founded by a team of Cambridge University faculty members and alumni who have expertise in early childhood education, mathematics, science, and advanced technologies. Our aim is to create a brand new educational experience of mathematics for young children, to help them to love
and understand mathematics in all its forms.


Our research shows that children can learn mathematics more easily if it is integrated with a well-loved folk story, a traditional children’s story or a real-life story or situation. Learning can also be fun if parents and children work together to explore mathematical knowledge with their. We are therefore inviting
parents/grandparents, pre-school and primary school students, home-schoolers, mathematics teachers as well as children librarians*, to take part in our first CAMathories™ Writing Competition 2019/2020.


*If your child is home-schooled or has not yet started school, please get your local librarian to sign off the declaration together with you, see Submission below. The total cash prize will be split between the parents/students and the parent/child's local library in order to support local libraries.


The winning school or children library and parent/children will receive the Grand Prize of  USD$1,000  as a cash prize. USD$500 will be awarded to the school or the children library and USD$500 will be awarded to the parent and student/homeschooler.


The Grand Prize winning story will be made into a free app for the public to download and play.  (A signed agreement with the winner will be required).


There will be two Second Prizes. Each Second Prize winner will receive USD$400. USD$200 will be awarded to the school/library, and USD$200 will be awarded to the parent and the student/homeschooler. 

There will be three Third Prizes. Each Third Prize winner will receive USD100. USD50 will be awarded to the school/library and USD50 will be awarded to the parents and the students/homeschooler.

There will also be a surprise gift for the first three Prize winners.
The 70 finalists, 10 from each grade (pre-K through 5th grade), will get our free "Woodland Series 1" bundle app, plus an offline product. The awards will be made to both the finalist schools/libraries and the parent/students or homeschoolers.

Cash prizes will be wired to the schools’, libraries and the parents bank checking accounts.

Entry Requirement
Entry is open to all grades from pre-K through 5th-grade students, homeschoolers, and parents, teachers and librarians who have registered as CAMathories™ members are welcome to take part in the competition.
Please click here to register as a member. It is totally free of charge! (Only minimal information from the parents and/or teachers/librarians is required to protect children’s privacy.)

No purchase is required to enter the competition. By entry, the winning parents/guardians and the winning schools/libraries grant to Cambridge Mathstories Inc. (and its sponsors, where applicable) the right to utilize the names of the winning schools/libraries and of the winning parents in publicizing the results. The entry to the competition will void where prohibited by individual state law.

Writing guidelines
Content: Parents and students are invited to write a story together, either one based on their real life experience, or one based on a traditional folk or children’s story.

At least 2 mathematics games must be integrated into each story.
Please find a sample of a story script with mathematics games here, or download our apps to learn more about CAMathories™. (CAMathories™ have free and paid apps for you to choose!).


Each game must include the following Notes for Parents. The guidance notes for parents must be written at the end of each game to help them to reinforce the lessons of the story. Please use the following headings:
1. This game helps your child to learn about: (e.g. - addition, subtraction)
2. Talk about: (the mathematical lesson)
3. More ways to help: (show further applications)

The contestants also need to write one or two sentences to explain the origins of the story, for example, ‘I went to the places in the story two weeks ago’ or ‘I thought of this story myself.’ After finishing the story, the writing needs to be reviewed by the mathematics teacher of the student to check that the
mathematics applied in the story is correct.

Maximum 2 pages. Fonts cannot be smaller than size 10.

The writing needs to be in an MS Word document. The parents need to add their signatures before submitting their entry. The document should include the following declaration: "This story was written solely by (the first and last name of the parent) and my child who attends (the name of the school, and provide school's email address). This story is appropriate for (specify grade level)”

In order to protect the privacy of children, we only ask for the full name of the parents, and the name and contact of the school/the local children library which the child attends/uses. If you have more than one child participating in the competition, you will need to indicate the grade level of the contestants in the document.

After reviewing the work,  the mathematics teacher or the local children librarian of the student/homeschooler should add his/her signature underneath the declaration. Please see the sample signature page on our website. 
The story should then be submitted to us online through our members’ website at


Each of our advisors and the CEO of Cambridge Mathstories Inc. will be responsible for judging the writing. The best stories which are grade appropriate will be selected.

Judging criteria
1. How good is the mathematics: the quality of the mathematics content.
2. How good is the story: the creativity of the story.
3. How well the games fit into the story: the appropriate application of mathematics to the story.

The judges’ decision is final. Winners will be selected by Cambridge Mathstories Inc. in its sole and exclusive discretion.

Important Dates

Submission: starts from Sept 6, 2019

The deadline for submission: March 31, 2020 11:59pm U.S. EST

The announcement of finalists and winners: July 31, 2020 U.S. EST

We hope you can take part in the competition and learn mathematics together with the children, parents/grandparents, the school mathematics teachers

/children librarian. And also win our amazing prizes!

Further notes:

By its application to the competition, the contestant irrevocably agrees that he/she shall abide by and is subject to the rules of the competition established by Cambridge Mathstories, Inc. (“Cambridge Mathstories”), as may be amended from time to time in its sole discretion. Decisions by Cambridge Mathstories are final and not subject to dispute or review. The contestant grants the irrevocable right and license to Cambridge Mathstories to: (a) utilize image/photograph that the contestant provides, and (b) to reproduce, modify, distribute and/or publish the contestant’s story in such form as determined by Cambridge Mathstories in its sole and exclusive discretion. Winning contestant(s) are required to provide tax identification information for the purpose of reporting such award(s) to applicable authorities. Winning contestant(s) are solely responsible for all taxes and fees incurred relating to any cash award. Cash awards shall be paid to winning contestants made via bank wire or Paypal with instructions provided by the winning contestant(s). Cambridge Mathstories is not responsible for any misdirected or misdelivered cash awards and will not take any steps to confirm the accuracy of information provided by winning contestant(s).  

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CAMathories™ Book Prize 2019/2020

CAMathories™ is delighted to announce that a Book Prize of USD$500 has been donated to Churchill College at the University of Cambridge for the academic year 2019/2020. This Book Prize will be presented to one to two students admitting to Churchill College to study mathematics at the University of Cambridge, United Kingdom. 


Churchill College has a great emphasis on the study of science and technology, yet it also offers diverse academic disciplines. It provides world-class teaching and academic support and helps its students to fully develop their potential by providing them a supportive environment. Churchill College admits the ablest and the most highest-achieving students from all over the world.


Churchill College counts 32 Nobel Prize winners amongst its past and present Fellowship. To name a few, Sir Winston Churchill, the Founder of Churchill College (winner in Literature 1953);  Sir John Cockcroft, the first Master of Churchill College (winner in Physics 1951), Dr. Antony Hewish, Fellow of Churchill College since 1961 (winner in Physics 1974), Sir Robert Edwards, Fellow of Churchill College since 1979 through 2013 (winner in Physiology/Medicine in 2010); Sir John Gurdon, Fellow of Churchill College since 1973 through 1995, Honorary Fellow since 2007 through present (winner in Physiology/Medicine 2012). To learn more about Churchill College and their Nobel Prize winners, please click here


CAMathories™ is committed to helping our next generation to grow to love and understand mathematics, and to explore and advance our knowledge of mathematics. CAMathories™ sincerely wishes the recipients of CAMathories™ Book Prize 2019/2020 will benefit from the Prize and find it useful for their study of mathematics.