With deep sadness, we are announcing that Dr David Whitebread passed away on April 13, 2021. Dr. Whitebread was one of the founders and the founding Chief Education Officer of CAMathories. 

Dr. Whitebread was also the founding member of the Faculty of Education at the University of Cambridge. He was a renowned academic and researcher in cognitive developmental psychology and early years education.

Dr. Whitebread advocated play was an important element in learning and helped to establish Centre for Research on Play in Education, Development and Learning (PEDAL) at the University of Cambridge, with the funding from LEGO Foundation. Dr. Whitebread's ideas of the importance of play and of integrating play and storytelling to teach mathematics support the fundamental building blocks of CAMathories


All CAMathories' advisors and team members are deeply saddened by the passing of Dr. Whitebread, which is not only a loss to CAMathories, our students and parents communities, but it is also a great loss to the academic and research community of early years education. Our thoughts and sympathies are with his family and his students. CAMathories pledges to keep Dr. Whitebread's ideas of the integration of play and learning in all our learning resources and to keep children to learn with fun and parents to teach with ease and confidence. 

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CAMathories™ MathArt Contest

Animals and Our World in Shapes!

CAMathories Company is delighted to announce our MathArt Contest to celebrate the launching of CAMathories™ storybook, “The Birth of Monkey King” that tells the story of the magical Monkey King and teaches mathematics at the same time.

CAMathories™ was founded by a team of professors, researchers and alumni from the University of Cambridge. Our aim is to make mathematics fun for children and to help them to love and understand
mathematics in all its forms. All our books and apps also contain abundant notes for parents to teach mathematics to their children with ease and confidence. Children and parents also learn about other folk stories from different cultures through our math storybooks.


Artwork Requirements:

Theme: Animals and Our World in Shapes!
For Preschool & Primary School Contestants:
1. The artwork needs to be drawn or made with at least 3 different shapes.
2. The Contestants can use any colours. No restriction on the usage of colours.
3. Underneath the actual artwork, the Contestants need to write down clearly (in black ink) the following:

1. the names of at least three different shapes. If you have three or more than three different shapes, name three different shapes only.
2. the number of sides each shape (you named) has.
3. The number of corners each shape (you named) has.

For Secondary (Middle and High) School Contestants:
1. The artwork needs to be drawn or made with at least 5 different shapes.

2. The Contestants can use any colours. No restriction on the usage of colours.
3. Underneath the actual artwork, the Contestants need to write down clearly (in black ink) the following:

1. the name of at least five different shapes. If you have five or more than five different shapes, name five different shapes only.
2. the number of sides each shape (you named) has.
3. The number of corners each shape (you named) has.

An example:

  • A drawing of a monkey and a lemon tree on a sunny day.

  • The sun - Circle, 1 side, no corner

  • The lemon - Oval, 1 side, no corner

  • The monkey’s ear - Triangle, 3 sides, 3 corners.


Artwork materials: The artwork can be drawn or made on a sheet of paper by hand, pencils, crayons, colour wooden pencils, or by any organic and inorganic materials (2D or 3D) that the children can think of, and it can also be drawn by a digital pen on a digital drawing pad.


To learn more about shapes, including sides and corners, you can refer to CAMathories’ book “The Birth of Monkey King - Sun Wukong”. Take a look at the book at your school, local library or book stores. The book comes in English and multiple bilingual versions: English/Spanish, English/Modern Chinese & Traditional Chinese, English/French, English/Japanese, English/Hindi जादुई पाषाण वानर का जन्म The Birth of a Magical Monkey (E-Book version). Alternatively, signup at www.camathories.com to be a CAMathories™ member to play math games.

The Grand Prize Winner will receive USD100* (One hundred US dollar). When applicable, CAMathories™ will donate USD10 (Ten US dollar) to the school or the library from where the Grand Prize Winner found out about our Contest.


There will be two Second Prize Winners. Each Second Prize Winner will receive USD50* (Fifty US dollar). One Second Prize winner for the Primary School Age Group, one Second Prize winner for the Secondary School Age Group. When applicable, CAMathories™ will donate USD5* (Five US dollar) to the school or the library from where the Second Prize Winner found out about our Contest.


There will be four Third Prize Winners. Each Third Prize Winner will receive USD25* (Twenty-five US dollar). Two Third Prize winners for the Primary School Age Group, two Third Prize winners for the Secondary School Age Group.


There will be Ten Participant Prizes. Each Participant Prize Winner will receive a book (in UK, Japan and India) or 2 folders (in USA) or a learning box (in Hong Kong).


*The cash award will either be wired to the winners’ bank account or PayPal account, or through a cash gift card of an online store, the actual payment method shall be mutually agreed by the winners and CAMathories Company.

Entry Requirements
For the Preschool and Primary School Group, entry is open to contestants from 3-11 years old, for the Secondary school Group, entry is open to contestants from 11 to 17 years old. In order to enter the contest, the parent or legal guardian of the contestant needs to be a CAMathories member. Registration to become a member of CAMathories is free of charge through the CAMathories website at
www.camathories.com. Registration only requires an email address and password of the Contestant’s choice. Alternatively, the parent or the legal guardian of the contestant can choose to become a CAMathories MathArt Contest Group Member on Facebook.

No purchase is necessary to enter the Contest. Our Contest welcomes residents from the USA, the UK, India, Hong Kong and Japan. The entry to the Contest will void where prohibited by individual state law and national law. Residents from other countries are welcome as long as the laws of their countries allow our Contest as such.

By entry, the winners’ parents/guardians grant CAMathories Company the rights to display the Contestants’ artworks to the public through CAMathories’ website and CAMathories page on Facebook and Instagram for CAMathories’ members and CAMathories Facebook and Instagram followers or the public to comment or like or vote. The winners’ parents/guardians also grant CAMathories Company the rights to utilize the names of the winners when displaying the artworks of the winners on CAMathories’ website and CAMathories page on Facebook and Instagram and the rights to publicize the results with the Contestants’ names and country.

The artwork submitted should also include the following declaration: "This artwork was created solely by (the first and last name of the Contestant) 


For submission, all artworks must be submitted by the parent or legal guardian of contestants. To submit the artwork, the parent/guardian needs to take a photo of the artwork (if it is on a paper) together with shapes/sides/corners explanation, and the name and country of the contestant and email the photo to
info@camathories.com. Alternatively, the parent/guardian can send the photos to CAMathories using facebook messenger on CAMathories™ Facebook Page. No children under 18 years old can submit their artwork through digital platform themselves.


One contestant can only submit one artwork. If a family has two children, each child can submit one.


For contestants’ parents or guardians and any adult supporters of the contestants, they can see and “like” the 7 finalists’ artworks on our Website and Facebook and Instagram if they follow CAMathories on Facebook and Instagram. (Our contest is not sponsored, endorsed, administered
by or associated with Facebook and Instagram).

CAMathories Advisors, Dr. David Whitebread, Dr. Lorna Ayton, Prof. Simone Teufel, and the CEO of CAMathories will be responsible for choosing 7 finalists. The final decision for the winning order of the 7 final artworks will be a combination of the “likes” received on CAMathories’ Facebook and Instagram page and CAMathories website Members’ Forum as well as the decisions of the CAMathories advisory team.
The judges’ decision is final, CAMathories Company has the sole and exclusive discretion for the final decision.


Judging criteria:
1. How well different “shapes” are applied in the artwork.
2. How good the usage and the combination of different colours are in the artwork.
3. The overall presentation of the artwork.

Important Dates:
Submission: starts from November 1, 2020, 8:00am U.S. EST.
The deadline for submission: February 28, 2021 11:59pm U.S. EST
Finalists artworks display: April 1. 2021 - April 30, 2021, 11:59pm U.S. EST
The announcement of winners: May 31, 2021 U.S. EST, 11:59pm U.S. EST
Notification to winners: June 2021

Prizes will be awarded to the winners: June and July 2021.

Important Notes:
By entering the competition, the contestant irrevocably agrees that he/she shall abide by and is subject to the rules of the competition established by CAMathories Company, as may be amended from time to time in its sole discretion. Decisions by CAMathories Company are final and not subject to dispute or review. The contestant grants the irrevocable right and license to
CAMathories Company to: (a) utilize the contestant’s artwork or drawing submitted to the competition and (b) to reproduce, modify, distribute and/or publish the contestant’s artwork or drawing in such form as determined by CAMathories Company in its sole and exclusive discretion. Winning contestant(s) are required to provide tax identification information for the purpose of reporting such award(s) to applicable authorities. Winning contestant(s) are solely responsible for all taxes and fees incurred relating to any cash award. Cash awards shall be paid to winning contestants made via bank wire or Paypal or a gift card of an online shop with instructions provided by the winning contestant(s) (the brand of gift cards as mutually agreed by the Contestants and CAMathories Company). CAMathories Company is not responsible for any misdirected or misdelivered cash awards and books and will not take any steps to confirm the accuracy of information provided by winning contestant(s).


By entering the Contest, the Contestant warrants that as far as it is aware none of the intellectual property rights developed or created in the artwork will infringe any third party’s intellectual property rights or have been misappropriated from any third party and the Contestant agrees to indemnify and hold harmless CAMathories Company against any and all claims of such infringement misappropriation or alleged infringement or misappropriation.


By entering the Contest, the contestant hereby grants to CAMathories Company an irrevocable royalty free non-exclusive right together with the right to grant sublicenses to use and exploit all of the Contestants intellectual property created or developed in the artwork submitted to the Contest.




Participation Prizes

United States - 2 winners

Each gets 2 CAMathories™ 

trilingual MathArt 2-pocket folders

UK - 2 winners 
Japan - 2 winners 

Each gets 1 CAMathories™

bilingual book (En/Fr, En/Jp)

Folder design-Front.png

Participation Prizes for Hong Kong and Indian participants are sponsored by:


Hong Kong - 2 winners

Each gets 1 Donut Maker Box

(STEAM Box for young children) sponsored by Donut Store

India - 2 winners

Each gets 1 book

1 book sponsored by The Book Line https://bookline.co.in
1 book sponsored by Montavaya Consultants https://montavaya.com

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MK Book1-EngSpain-Cover Front.jpg

Thinking about what to do during the winter?

Bored with online learning? 

Too much Screen time?

Why not read a fun yet educational book together! CAMathories™ just published its first bilingual  (EN/ES) book “The Birth of Monkey King, Sun Wukong- El Nacimiento Del Rey Mono, Sun Wukong” which is full of colorful pictures, easy to read comic strips, exciting epic adventure with Monkey King, and fun math games for children to play with teaching notes for parents. All games are designed by Mathematician Dr. Lorna Ayton and reviewed by early learning psychologist Dr. David Whitebread, both from the University of Cambridge. The book contains fantastic “All-in-one” features and is now available on amazon with eligible free shipping right to your door!

MK_Book1-EngSpain P1.png
MK_Book1-EngSpain P2.png
MK_Book1-EngSpain P14 Answer.png
MK_Book1-EngSpain P17 Parent Notes.png
MK_Book1-EngSpain P20 David Bio.png
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CAMathories™ has successfully sourced and donated 8 boxes of N95 masks (160 pieces) to its neighborhood hospital - Overlook Hospital in Summit, New Jersey. We thank our courageous heroes and heroines in our community's hospital to help save people's lives amidst the pandemic.

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CAMathories™ Book Prize 2019/2020

CAMathories™ is delighted to announce that a Book Prize of USD$500 has been donated to Churchill College at the University of Cambridge for the academic year 2019/2020. This Book Prize will be presented to one to two students admitting to Churchill College to study mathematics at the University of Cambridge, United Kingdom. 


Churchill College has a great emphasis on the study of science and technology, yet it also offers diverse academic disciplines. It provides world-class teaching and academic support and helps its students to fully develop their potential by providing them a supportive environment. Churchill College admits the ablest and the most highest-achieving students from all over the world.


Churchill College counts 32 Nobel Prize winners amongst its past and present Fellowship. To name a few, Sir Winston Churchill, the Founder of Churchill College (winner in Literature 1953);  Sir John Cockcroft, the first Master of Churchill College (winner in Physics 1951), Dr. Antony Hewish, Fellow of Churchill College since 1961 (winner in Physics 1974), Sir Robert Edwards, Fellow of Churchill College since 1979 through 2013 (winner in Physiology/Medicine in 2010); Sir John Gurdon, Fellow of Churchill College since 1973 through 1995, Honorary Fellow since 2007 through present (winner in Physiology/Medicine 2012). To learn more about Churchill College and their Nobel Prize winners, please click here


CAMathories™ is committed to helping our next generation to grow to love and understand mathematics, and to explore and advance our knowledge of mathematics. CAMathories™ sincerely wishes the recipients of CAMathories™ Book Prize 2019/2020 will benefit from the Prize and find it useful for their study of mathematics.